Our Policies

Great River Printing Policies

All quoted prices are based on formatted products or art supplied as print ready. If corrections or modifications are required, your order may be delayed pending clarification or approval. Any file that is submitted to us that is not print ready and requires any manipulation will accrue a setup fee. Please review the following information for any additional charges that may apply. We can’t guarantee the quality when scanning from pre-printed materials.


Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (CS5 or earlier)

QuarkXpress (8.0 or earlier)

Microsoft Word, Xcel, PowerPoint and Publisher


All supporting graphic images and fonts (screen and printer fonts) must be supplied with the your layout file. Graphic images should be colored with process CMYK colors (no RGB, indexed color, etc.) If RGB or other non-CMYK colors are used in your files, our preflight program will convert to CMYK and will change the appearance of the colors when we print, sometimes dramatically. If using Pantone® colors, please specify the number of the color and make it a spot color. CMYK and grayscale images need to have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, sized at 100%, black and white bitmap images need to have a resolution of at least 1200 dpi, sized at 100%.


Business cards should have at least 1/8″ margins.
Postcards need at least 1/4″ margins.
Sales sheets, flyers, and brochures require at least ¼” margin for the text or other images that do not bleed on all sides. If a bleed is wanted, the text still needs to be ¼” away from the edge. Bleed of 1/8″ should be allowed on each applicable side.


1/8″ should be allowed on each applicable side. Please make sure the text still maintains the required margin even when graphics bleed. Bleeds are not available on full color letterhead and envelopes.


Please review all proofs to verify that all artwork elements of your job have been processed correctly. It is your responsibility to verify that all text, positioning, and graphics are accurate and meet your approval. Any changes must be communicated via phone or email. Your proof is a representation of color and is not an exact press match. We will do a quick courtesy review of your proof but this does not guarantee accuracy to find and/or correct any errors or omissions. Great River Printing cannot be held responsible for errors to your print job that are visible on the proof. By approving your proof you accept full responsibility for the accuracy of this proof.


While we attempt to give you the exact number of pieces you order, we reserve the right to meet industry standards of being ± 10% over the size of your order.