QR Codes

What’s With QR Codes?

QR codes have been around since the early ’90s, but only with the widespread adoption of smartphones and barcode-scanning apps have customers been able to easily access QR codes in significant numbers.

According to comScore, 20.1 million mobile phone owners in the U.S. used their devices to scan a QR code in the three-month average period ending October 2011. In the big scheme of things, this isn’t a large number. However, the number of people using QR codes is expected to grow.

So, what can businesses do to take customers out of their comfort zones and try something new? The ability to access information won’t drive customers to a product’s site unless there’s a reason for them to do so. QR codes have the potential to enrich the product experience and offer the customer real value

USA Today and the Wall Street Journal do this all the time…a story in print is made of words and images. But what if there are more pictures and some compelling video? Just place the QR code within the copy of the story and take them to the specialized content.

Here’s the point: the best reason for using QR code is to extend the content experience and engagement with your brand. How can you leverage them for your business?

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